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  •  -€25.00 Vink Cattle Brush – Fully galvanised and extremely durable cattle brush

    Vink Cattle Brush – Fully galvanised and extremely durable cattle brush

    The Vink cattle brush has a fixed vertical brush and a spring loaded horizontal brush fully galvanised for a long life.Vink recommended one brush for 50/60 cows. They love it!  

    €200.00 €175.00

  •  -€15.00 Cattle brush

    Cattle brush

    Complete with spring The especially robust design of this brush ensures a high level of user comfort Animals of various sizes can properly scrub themselves The enormous flexibility even stands up to extraordinary loads (e.g. jumping animals) Special Nylon bristles for fur cleaning and care Stable spring suspension

    €200.00 €185.00

  •  -€15.00 Sezer Fixed Cow Brush Scratcher

    Sezer Fixed Cow Brush Scratcher

    High quality Cow Brush/Scratcher Heavy duty construction Extremely flexible to tough use Nylon bristles for cleaning and grooming the coat Wall Mounted  

    €200.00 €185.00

  •  -€445.00 Sezer Premium Cattle Brush

    Sezer Premium Cattle Brush

    PRODUCT DETAILS Sezer Premium Cattle Brush • Cleans cattle from parasites and dirt• Accelerates blood circulation and skin quality• Protects animal health and comfort• Decreases stress• Increases the production of milk and meat by %10• Helps animals to get rid off parasites where they can not reach especially at eye area • Touch operated with a balance sensor• Protects the tail from sticking with bi-directional turn function• Support bracket and other mounting materials are included machine• 180 degrees angle, brushing the head, eye surroundings (Where the parasites appear mostly) neck and back When the brush is not in motion (when not in use), the electric motor stopsIn the event of a jam it automatically rotates the brush in the opposite direction 220-240V - 3 pin Irish plugDimensions : 430 mm., Length: 640 mmWeight : 40 KGMotor Power : 0.18 KW / 0.25 KWAdvised Hanging Height : 90 cm between the bottom and floor

    €1,650.00 €1,205.00

  • Spare vink cattle brush

    Spare vink cattle brush

    - Spare vink cattle brush




    The Vink cattle brush with dispenser is a cleverly constructed combination of cattlebrush with pesticide dispenser. Keeps the skin of the animals clean and healthy. Helps fight skin parasites such as sacroptes, lice, fungus and skin disease caused by flies.



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