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  • Kow Katcher

    Kow Katcher

    The Kow Katcher is a hard wearing steel hook that's designed to aid in humane restraint and distraction of an animal while oral dosing, bolusing or injecting. The Kow Katcher is aimed at all cattle farmers, be they dairy, beef or suckers operating  on big or small systems. The Kow Katcher is very simple and easy to use, meaning that even a novice or beginner farmer can use it.  The Kow Katcher makes the job of catching and restraining a animal easier on the farmer as well as the animal. It is particularly useful to help speed up bolusing and dosing processes with cattle in a crush, as it eliminates the need for every animal to be put through the head gates. The Kow Katcher is a perfect aid to increasing health and safety on all farms. Features of the Kow Katcher hard wearing  Steel Comfortable handle Easy to use  


  • Easy Bosse E Cattle Handing Distraction Device

    Easy Bosse E Cattle Handing Distraction Device

    The Easy Boss E is Bovine oral distraction tool that can reduce fear and stress in your animal when being treated, groomed, tagged etc.  It increases safety for both the animal and the stockman, stimulating the animal’s chewing behavior and calms the animal considerably so they are much more docile in the head gate.   Oral medicine (liquid) can also be delivered to cattle using the Easy Boss   check you the below link to see how you can use the Eassy Boss E device for administering boluses



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