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  • Gas Buddex Debudder Refill

    Gas Buddex Debudder Refill (for Calf Debudder)

    PRODUCT INFORMATION Gas refill to be used with Gas Buddex Debudder: 110ml Easy to refill     Animal: Cattle


  • Silver Aluminium Aerosol

    Silver Aluminium Aerosol

    Silver Aluminium Aerosol is a water resistant spray on bandage used for wounds on animals. Silver Aluminium Aerosol will protect wounds from external irritants and help the wound heal. Silver Aluminium Aerosol is convenient and very easy to use.   Silver Aluminium Aerosol is water resistant, which means it will stick to the skin and is not easily removed with hot or cold water. If you do need remove the spray on bandage to inspect the wound it can easily be done using warm soapy water. Silver Aluminium Aerosolmay be applied on top of ointments and salves and helps to aid the healing process by allowing the wound to breathe while still maintaining a protective barrier. Silver Aluminium Aerosolis an essential for any farm due to the frequent accidents experienced by farm animals.    Silver Aluminium Aerosol is ideal for dehorning, castrating, tail docking and the treatment of cut scrapes and wounds on farm animals as well as cats and dogs. Silver Aluminium Aerosol does not contain any antibiotics and is safe to use on animals intended for human consumption.     Benefits of using Silver Aluminium Aerosol Simple to use Quick application Protects from infection Water Resistant Allows wound to breathe Does not contain antibiotics Perfect for scrapes, wounds, dehorning, tail docking and more Suitable for use on small animals as well as farm animals How to use Silver Aluminium Aerosol   1) Clean area that is going to be sprayed   2) Shake can of Silver Aluminium Aerosol well   3) Apply a thin layer of Silver Aluminium Aerosol over the wound   These steps should be repeated daily as advised by your veterinarian. To remove Silver Aluminium Aerosol from a wound, warm soapy water should be used.  


  • Calf Gas Buddex Debudder Boxed + 2 Gas FOC

    Calf Gas Buddex Debudder Boxed + 2 Gas FOC

    Comes in practical metal carrying box Complete with 2 cartouches, spare nozzle and allen key. An operating temperature of 700 degrees celsius is reached within 3 - 4 minutes. Duration of work with 1 cartouche: 3 - 5 hours. Due to a special gas-binding foam filling dehorning with the Gas Debudder Express becomes highly independent Piezo ignition with two years warranty. Animal: Cattle Material: Aluminium




    Presentation: 200mlProtective topical barrier spray for cattle, horses, swine, poultry, sheep, goats dogs and cats




    Aluspray 210ml on these wounds will protect them from getting infected. It acts as a protective bandage on both small and large animals.


  • O’Neill Calf & Sheep Staller

    O’Neill Calf & Sheep Staller

    Please allow 7-10 working day lead time  Calf This product is designed to ease the management associated with the rearing of young calves. The calves can be easily head stalled in this gate hung mechanism. This product was produced to minimise the effort and labour needed to dehorn, tag, inject and feed young calves. It is light weight, mobile and adaptable to hang on any gate. It is labour efficient as it eliminates the need for a second person, which is generally needed to carry the original dehorning crate. The O’Neill staller is as stable and secure as the gate you attach it to. Watch Video Below  


  • Express Gas Refill

    Express Gas Refill

    60g gas refill fro Pistol grip & heavy duty dehoners


  • Barnes Dehorner

    Barnes Dehorner

    A Barnes dehorner is a hinged, closed set of sharp scoops which is placed over the horn against the base and surrounding skin. Opening the handles forces the cutting edges together, slicing through the skin and under the horn.


  • Dehorner Gas Express Arkos Pistol Grip C/W 17 & 19mm Head

    Dehorner Gas Express Arkos Pistol Grip C/W 17 & 19mm Head

    Portable gas dehorner with built in Piezo ignition reaches working temperature of 700oC/1292oF in less than 3 minutes. Comes in a sturdy metal case with reversible 17 & 19mm head and gas cylinder.


  • Express Alios 134 Heavy Duty Gas Dehorner

    Express Alios 134 Heavy Duty Gas Dehorner

    This portable gas dehorner reaches maximum temperature in three to four minutes One Free Canister of Gas Each canister lasts three to five hours  Comes with a practical all metal case  Available with either 15mm or 19mm head options


  • Portasol Dehorner 3

    Portasol Dehorner 3

    • For fast and effective calf dehorning • gas-operated with fillable gas tank• operating temperature approx. 600° C • robust stainless steel housing• at application temperature within 5 minutes• newly developed, more robust burner head made of stainless steel• new ignition system with “click-ignition” for easy reliable gas mixture ignition• operating time per gas filling approximately 45 minutes


  • Dehorning Wire Handles

    Dehorning Wire Handles

    For use with dehorning wire. Comes as a pair.


  • Calf Dehorning Crate

    Calf Dehorning Crate

    The ODEL dehorning crate makes dehorning calves a safe and easy process for both animal and handler. This dehorning crate has an integrated wheel and handles for easy transportation. It has a flop frame and paddle push up which is recommended by Teagasc for added safety. There is a unique adjustable head design to hold the animals head in place. This dehorning crate has a quick release feature for added safety. Integrated wheel and handle for easy transportation. Flop frame and Paddle Push up for added safety. Quick release for added safety Fully hot dip galvanised



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