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  • Silver Aluminium Aerosol

    Silver Aluminium Aerosol

    Silver Aluminium Aerosol is a water resistant spray on bandage used for wounds on animals. Silver Aluminium Aerosol will protect wounds from external irritants and help the wound heal. Silver Aluminium Aerosol is convenient and very easy to use.   Silver Aluminium Aerosol is water resistant, which means it will stick to the skin and is not easily removed with hot or cold water. If you do need remove the spray on bandage to inspect the wound it can easily be done using warm soapy water. Silver Aluminium Aerosolmay be applied on top of ointments and salves and helps to aid the healing process by allowing the wound to breathe while still maintaining a protective barrier. Silver Aluminium Aerosolis an essential for any farm due to the frequent accidents experienced by farm animals.    Silver Aluminium Aerosol is ideal for dehorning, castrating, tail docking and the treatment of cut scrapes and wounds on farm animals as well as cats and dogs. Silver Aluminium Aerosol does not contain any antibiotics and is safe to use on animals intended for human consumption.     Benefits of using Silver Aluminium Aerosol Simple to use Quick application Protects from infection Water Resistant Allows wound to breathe Does not contain antibiotics Perfect for scrapes, wounds, dehorning, tail docking and more Suitable for use on small animals as well as farm animals How to use Silver Aluminium Aerosol   1) Clean area that is going to be sprayed   2) Shake can of Silver Aluminium Aerosol well   3) Apply a thin layer of Silver Aluminium Aerosol over the wound   These steps should be repeated daily as advised by your veterinarian. To remove Silver Aluminium Aerosol from a wound, warm soapy water should be used.  


  • Gallagher Equifence Equine Fencer Wire 250m

    Gallagher Equifence Equine Fencer Wire 250m

    Highly visible to help prevent animal entanglement Large diameter with a smooth coating to minimises risk of injury to the animal High stress crack & UV resistant pipe grade polyethylene ensures long life Steel core provides effective power transmission with minimum voltage drop Unique electrically conductive polymer ensures power is effectively maintained along the fence line Equifence is a safe, effective and highly visible electric fence solution for horses. The large diameter has a smooth coating to minimise risk of injury. Suitable for horses, it has excellent conductivity and the permanent cable is very safe and clearly visible due to its thick, smooth plastic material. There is virtually no risk of injury and it does not disturb the appearance of the landscape. The hard-wearing fence wire is covered in current-conducting plastic casing which is designed specifically as a safe horse fence. There are carbon lines from the edge to the core which makes the wire very conductive. When you are fitting permanent cable it is important that the person is experienced and qualified in erecting fences. The highly visible fence prevents animal entanglement and the steel core provides effective power transmission with minimum voltage drop.


  • Hoof Solve 6-in-1 Concentrate  (Cows, Sheep, Equines & Goats)

    Hoof Solve 6-in-1 Concentrate (Cows, Sheep, Equines & Goats)

    DESCRIPTION HOOF SOLVE is a buffered, copper free formulation proven in Farm Trials. Containing a synergistic blend of organic acids, active zinc complexes (including Nanotechnology) and Alpha-hydroxy acids with added detergents for cleaning and enhanced hoof penetration. HOOF SOLVE gives similar or better performance when compared to pure Copper Sulphate. Does not Contaminate. PRODUCT INFORMATION   Presentation: 5ltr 10ltr 20ltr Active Ingredient: 6-in-1 Concentrate containing Acids, Oils, Zinc, Alpha- Hydroxy Acids, Wetting Agents and Hoof Conditioners. Maintenace: Add 1 litre of concentrate to every 99 litres of water. Each footbath solution will last for 150-200 cow passes. Walk cows through footbath morning and evening once per week. Recuperation: Add 2.5 litres of concentrate to every 97.5 litres of water. Each footbath solution will last for 150-200 cow passes. Walk cows through footbath morning and evening 3 times per week.




    Presentation: 1'sActive Ingredients: Marine Peptides, Dairy Peptides (L-Tryptophan), Sorbitol, Glycerine, Xanthan Gum, Preservatives, Apple Flavour. Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCL) 1000mgDescription: Chillax is a scientifically designed nutritional supplement to help calm excitable horses in stressful conditions, therefore maximising equine performance. Daily intake contains a proprietary complex blend of marine & dairy peptides designed to restore chemical balance to central nervous system. Some horses are naturally nervous animals and some are affected by particular situations such as travelling, competitions, sales and clipping. Horses have different thresholds in how they react to particular situations and as such they require a supplement flexible enough to adapt to various situations.Tailor the ChillaxTM intake to the horse's specific needs.Dosage: Give 20ml per 500kg horse the night before and 2 hours before stressful activity. Repeat as required.


  • Foran Equine Copper Max Paste 30g

    Foran Equine Copper Max Paste 30g

    A palatable, easy-to-use paste formulation containing Copper, Zinc and biotin all in a 30g graduated oral dosing syringe. Ideally suited for horses at grass but also may be used in the management of Copper in take of those horses kept indoors where daily in-feed supplementation is not the preferred choice. A chelated Copper and Zinc syringe for convenient supplementation   Contains Chelated Copper – required for the healthy development and integrity of connective tissue as well as being required for bone development Zinc – involved in protein and carbohydrate synthesis. Important for the integrity of the skin Biotin – to support healthy hoof horn growth   Uses Can be used in breeding or for performance horses as an alternative to daily supplementation. Ideal for horses kept at pasture   Suitable for all horses including young stock* 




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