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  • Fossa Safety Spec  (BLACK FRIDAY)

    Fossa Safety Spec (BLACK FRIDAY)

    PW046 Fossa spectacle (PW15) Manufacturer Code: PW15 This safety spectacle provides the wide wraparound coverage required for full protection. Stylish rubber tip temples and a mono-lens make it possible to fit these glasses to variety of face types.FabricPolycarbonate SizeOne size


  •  -€0.27 Safety Glasses with Cord

    Safety Glasses with Cord

      Safety Glasses with Cord have a simple yet functional design, making them an ideal choice for eye protection. Featuring a clear, one-piece lens and moulded nose-bridge, the Neptune Safety Glasses offer optimum user comfort

    €1.50 €1.23

  • Luceco Rotation Inspection Torch with Powerbank 5V 3W 300LM 6500K

    Luceco Rotation Inspection Torch with Powerbank 5V 3W 300LM 6500K

    The Luceco Rotation Inspection Torch with Powerbank features a long-life 300Lm single LED, meaning no multishadows and clearer light output. Complete with a 360° folding hook and tilting strong magnetic bases, this torch features 2 working light modes (100% and 50%) and has an integrated powerbank for charging mobile devices.


  • Inspect 4 Derm Paste

    Inspect 4 Derm Paste

    For effective treatment of Digital Dermatitis (Mortelarro)   Apply with a bandage for best results. Remove after 3 days.




    Standards: DIN EN 166 : 2001 Essential requirements according to Annex II of the PPE regulation EU 2016/425 Specifications: Optical class: 1 Clear Visor 4440PC with browguard Visor Material: Polycarbonate Protection against high speed particles, medium energy impact (B) Protection against splashes or liquids (3)


  • GRASSMEN Retro Sunglasses Black

    GRASSMEN Retro Sunglasses Black

    Out of stock untill early January 


  • ENDOSPEC 10%

    ENDOSPEC 10%

    VPA22033/016/001   Endospec 10% is a broad spectrum wormer known for the treatment and prevention of mature and immature forms of gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms, tapeworms and adult liver fluke in sheep and cattle. It is also ovicidal against fluke and roundworm eggs.Active Ingredient: AlbendazoleTarget species: Cattle and sheepDosage:Endospec is an oral drench. Shake well before use. Always read the label.Cattle: Worm dose: 3ml for 40kg bodyweight           Fluke and worm dose: 1ml per 10 kg bodyweight.Sheep: Worm dose: 1ml per 20 kg bodyweight           Fluke and worm dose: 3ml per 40 kg bodyweightWithdrawal:Cattle: Meat and Offal:14 days          Milk: 60 hoursSheep: Meat: 4 days          Milk: not for use in sheep producing milk for human consumptionBenefits of Endospec 10%:- Broad spectrum flukicide and wormer- Concentrated 100mg/ml Albendazole Drench- Ovicidal- kills eggs to helps reduce pasture re-infestation- Licensed for use in dairy cattle


  • Safety Glasses


  • WD-40 Specialist® penetrant spray 400ml

    WD-40 Specialist® penetrant spray 400ml

    Long description A technical spray from the specialist line of the WD-40® brand. This super penetrating oil has very high capillary action and specifically targets and loosens jammed fastenings and stuck or rusted moving parts. Details Strong water-repellent effect Pros High-quality industrial spray Very high capillary action (penetrating ability) With handy original Smart Straw® nozzle for wide and precise spraying Highly water resistant Quickly loosens stuck or corroded joints Product details Penetrates up to 3x faster than original WD-40® Application range For nuts, locks, chains, bearings, equipment, etc. For metals, alloys, rubber and plastics Collection WD-40 Specialist® Properties Penetrates quickly to rusted and corroded parts Loosens corroded connections Lemon fragrance Benefits Good protection against corrosion


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