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  • Provita Protect

    Provita Protect

    Oral supplement providing high-level multi-strain probiotic bacteria to prevent diarrhoea in newborn calves. Provita Protect is the only probiotic which is medicinally licensed for the prevention of calf scour. It has been clinically proven to reduce calf scour by 83%. To obtain this Veterinary Licence, it has undergone many years of rigorous testing to guarantee safety, efficacy and quality. Provita Protect oral liquid suspension supplies 10 billion unique triple strain probiotic bacteria that rapidly colonise the sterile gut of the newborn calf. These unique probiotic bacteria prevent harmful pathogens such as E Coli from attaching to the gut wall through competitive exclusion. The probiotic bacteria also produce lactic acid therefore lowering the pH in the gut further inhibiting harmful pathogens. The combination of more bacteria and lower pH also improves digestion as demonstrated by a 31% increase in growth rates in clinical trials. When to use: Give to new born calves at birth; bought-in calves; after digestive upsets or after antibiotic therapy. Unit Size: Available in 100ml bottle with automatic dispenser. Application per pack: 10 x 10ml preventation applications or 40 x 2.5ml individual applications.  


  • Provita Calf Colostrum Concentrate

    Provita Calf Colostrum Concentrate

    Product Description This Provita Calf Colostrum Concentrate comes in a 300g sachet and is a colostrum concentrate providing a high level of natural colostrum, with added proteins and vitamins carried in a nutritional energy source. It is specially formulated to supplement colostrum from the dam or where access to natural colostrum has not been possible. It should ideally be fed as soon as possible after birth preferably during the first 6 - 12 hours.Instruction for use:Mix the contents of the sachet with 1.5 litres of warm water, whisk thoroughly and feed to the calf ideally through a teat or via stomach tube.Provita are a leading manufacturer of animal supplements in Ireland and the UK and have proven time and again to be a popular choice so you know that you are only receiving the best quality product from us.


  • Provita Response Calf Paste 35G

    Provita Response Calf Paste 35G

    35g of calf paste - 2 applications Provides energy to kick start new born calves Fortified with egg powder to supplement the high level of natural colostrum Contains probiotics which physically exclude harmful pathogens from attaching to the gut wall Provides vitamins to counter common deficiencies in new born calves For use at birth, for bought in claves, at times of stress or after anti-biotic therapy


  • Provita Lamb Response

    Provita Lamb Response

    Provita Lamb Response oral liquid suspension supplies a unique combination of beneficial bacteria, egg powder and vitamins to kick start newborn lambs. Lambs are born with a sterile gut. Provita Lamb Response should be used to aid the establishment of beneficial bacteria within the digestive tract. In young lambs prior to having a fully functioning rumen, it has been shown that there is a need for dietary supplements of vitamins, especially fat soluble and B vitamins.


  • Provita Jump Start

    Provita Jump Start

    Provita Jump Start is high in energy, minerals and vitamins to boost new born lambs, get them up and going quickly, and to counteract common nutritional deficiencies giving them the best possible start in life. It contains three different energy sources which work instantly and long term. It also contains egg powder to avoid upsets and 14 different minerals and vitamins at very high levels. The high levels of Colbalt, Selenium, B12 and Vitamin E are designed to counteract nutritional deficiencies that can cause white muscle or pining.




    Presentation: 350mlActive Ingredient: Contains concentrated natural colostrum.Description: Provita Colostrum for Foals is a palatable liquid colostrum feed for newborn foals containing concentrated natural colostrum with a unique feeding bottle. This instant first feed for foals supplies high levels of natural colostrum and is designed to be used in cases where foals are deficient in colostrum or a colostrum feed is required.Dosage: Administer 1 bottle (350ml) immediately after foaling or within the first 6 hours (at the latest).


  • Provita Hoofsure Combat Handspray

    Provita Hoofsure Combat Handspray

    Provita Hoofsure Combat is an organic acid and tea tree oil foot spray for animals. Once sprayed on the affected area it forms a long lasting, antibacterial, flexible and breathable film to combat lameness. The best time to use the spray is in the parlour for spot spraying or during hoof trimming. Waterproof and breathable it can promote natural healing for up to 24 hours. Flexible and lightweight the film absorbs around the hoof and won't crack or rub off. The organic acids optimises hoof health and the tea tree oil helps condition and strengthen hooves, meaning they are less prone to infection. The trigger spray jar ensures that unlike aerosol sprays which contain propellants, combat will not stick and will give up to six times more applications than an aerosol. It contains all natural ingredients which are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and non-antibiotic meaning it is safe to use. This spray would be ideal to use and include in a regular foot care maintenance programme. Regular checking of your herd is so important to ensure that you prevent and stop lameness as soon as it occurs. Farmyard hygiene, footbaths, soft even paths and suitable housing will all reduce lameness in your herd. For dairy cows and sheep the best time to apply it is at the first sign of lameness, re-apply for 3 to 7 days. Lameness can affect your herds performance, reduce weight gain, reduce mild quality and yield in dairy cows as well as increasing veterinary costs.


  • Provita BoviPhos

    Provita BoviPhos

    Provita BoviPhos is an oral phosphorous preparation that aids in the recovery of recumbent cows. It is rapidly absorbed within 1 hour together with a delayed release for 2-6 hours.  Its balanced formulation maintains the correct calcium to phosphorous ratio. It is a pH buffered drench that stabilises the pH in the rumen. Provita BoviPhos is palatable and readily accepted and swallowed by the cow.  When to use: Immediatley after calcium infusion where there is known or suspected phosphorus deficiency.On farms where cows require repeated calcium infusions for recumbent cow’s phosphorus deficiency can be suspected. Unit Size: 500ml Plastic Drenching Bottle




    Oral dosing organic calcium with glucoplastic energy - A liquid fed suppliment that aids in the prevention of milk fever (calcium deficiency) in cows before and after calving. An oral liquid supplement to reduce the risk of Milk Fever. Use BoviCal immediately before or after calving and before recumbency. (NOTE: DO NOT USE AS A TREATMENT FOR MILK FEVER. )


  • Provita Energy Plus

    Provita Energy Plus

    Provita Energy Plus is a nutritional supplement providing an instantly available energy source to cows with ketosis. It contains energy sources that can be rapidly converted to glucose in the liver, supplying high levels of blood sugar without the harmful over production of Ketone bodies. Cobalt and B12 also counteract deficiencies which contribute to an energy deficit. Herbs stimulate appetite to encourage intake and speed up recovery. 


  • Provita Response: Calf Capsule

    Provita Response: Calf Capsule

    Provita Response Capsules are an orally administered capsule which provides colostrum, probiotic bacteria, egg powder and vitamins. When administered within the first six hours of birth, the colostrum can be absorbed into the blood stream. The Response Capsule contains the same high level multi strain probiotics that are in Provita Protect. When to use: At birth, for bought-calves, at times of stress or after antibiotic therapy.   Application per pack: Routine application – 10 x 2 capsule routine.During periods of high stress – 4 x 5 caspule routine.


  • Provita Ewe Two

    Provita Ewe Two

    Provita Ewe Two is a fast-acting, high energy drench for sheep with suspected twin lamb and/or ewes needing extra minerals and vitamins at times of stress. It contains an instant energy source and high levels of 14 different minerals and vitamins. The high levels of Cobalt, Selenium, Iodine, Iron, B12 and Vitamin E will counteract the most common deficiencies that can affect ewes around time of lambing.   When to use:It should be used for ewes that have suspected twin lamb either before or after they have gone down, for ewes with difficult deliveries, lambing exhaustion or when stressed e.g. poor weather




    Provita Colostrum Concentrate provides a high level of natural EU sourced colostrum, with added egg powder and vitamins carried in a nutritional energy source. It is formulated to supplement colostrum from the dam or where access to natural colostrum has not been possible. Provita Calf Colostrum is high in fat soluble vitamins A, D and E to compensate for the inefficient placental transfer of these vitamins. Its nutritional base provides instant and slow release energy allowing the calf to suckle quicker. It’s easy-mix formula makes it fast and practical to use When to use: At birth or for bought-in calves to provide a source of natural colostrum and energy to get up and suckle its mother.


  • Provita Konquest Gel

    Provita Konquest Gel

    Your animals are susceptible to many hoof disorders and infections, especially during periods of cold weather, Ensure healthy hooves with Provita Hoofsure Konquest Gel. This gel contains concentrated organic acid and tea-tree oil and has bio-adhesion properties which helps stick the gel to the skin and hoof. The gel should be used with a hoof bandage where required.




    Provita Lacteal Ruminant supplies high levels of probiotic bacteria to maintain a healthy gut flora, supplemented with egg powder. It also provides a readily available energy source. Added vitamins help counteract against metabolic and nutrient imbalances. It is a natural product with no withdrawal.




    Provita Vital Boost should be offered to a freshly calved cow within 1 hour after calving for maximum effect to provide vital nutrients and minerals to combat common postpartum disorders, and boost cows in early lactation or suckling. The large volume drink aids full rumen expansion to avoid displaced abomasum, increase gut motility and encourage swift return of cow appetite. Vital Boost contains complementary ratios of essential macronutrients to enhance milk fever prevention and it offers high energy for immediate cow recovery after calving. It provides high levels of Vitamin E and Selenium that possess antioxidant capacity assist the cow’s immune response at an obvious time of stress plus a live yeast to improve gut health. Finally, Vital Boost provides high levels of vitamins to counteract deficiencies, especially niacin to alleviate the negative energy state experienced in freshly calved cows.




    Provita Mint Condition is an emollient antibiotic-free cream containing 35% Japanese peppermint oil to soothe and promote healthy udders. The peppermint oil stimulates blood flow when massaged into the udder. Lanolin has a soothing effect on the udders and Vitamin E serves as a natural skin conditioner. Provita Mint Condition is a natural product with no milk withdrawal.




    Provita Lamb Colostrum is an alternative to natural colostrum for newborn lambs. It contains natural EU sourced dried colostrum and a high level of egg powder which help protect the newborn lamb. Provita Lamb Colostrum also helps lambs by providing a readily available supply of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins. The form of carbohydrate will rapidly raise the lamb’s blood sugar level, giving the lamb energy to maintain body temperature and to get up and suckle quickly. It mixes easily in luke-warm water.




    Prolyte Extra is a feed supplement to aid the rehydration of scouring calves and re-establish probiotic bacteria in the gut. It is a unique combination of electrolytes with vitamins B and C, plus beneficial lactic acids relieving the physical effects of stress. It also contains Glycine, an amino acid which helps coat the gut lining and a natural thickener to optimise the contents of the GI tract. Contains the same multi-strain high level probiotic bacteria that are use in Provita Protect.




    Liquid dispersible probiotic to aid the maintenance of a healthy gut flora. Suitable for mixing with feed or by an addition to milk, water and electrolytes.


  • Provita Combat For Hooves Hand Spray

    Provita Combat For Hooves Hand Spray

    Natural blend of organic acid and tea-tree oil foot spray Unique film-forming spray which creates a waterproof breathable film Film provides prolonged activity Fast-acting




    Provita Hoofsure Endurance – Footbath Solution Provita Hoofsure Endurance is a unique scientifically formulated footbath solution containing organic acids, tea-tree oil and wetting agents. Its highly concentrated formula means it can be used up to 500 cows passes in a 200 litre footbath. 5 litre footbath solution Proprietary blend of organic acids and tea-tree oil Added wetting agents to ensure ingredients have deep penetrating action Safe for user and animal - non-carcinogenic, non-toxic and biodegradable Effective after 24 hours and in contaminated footbaths Highly concentrated formula resulting in cost-effective dilution rates - 500 cows passes per 200 litre footbath



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