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  • Flectron Fly Tags (cypermethrin pyrethroid)

    Flectron Fly Tags (cypermethrin pyrethroid)

    VPA10387/034/001   Flectron Fly Tags are for the control of flies on cattle. Pack contains 10 ear tags and fastening studs, each ear tag has 935mg of cypermethrin pyrethroid. For Whole Body Protection. Active Substancecypermethrin pyrethroid Target SpeciesCattle Treats and ControlsFlies Application MethodEar Tag Withdrawal PeriodNone DosageEach Ear Tag contains 935mg of cypermethrin pyrethroid  Key Features of Flectron Fly Tags Effective up to 4 Months Zero Withdrawal Period for Meat & Milk Whole Body Protection Directions For Fixing Flectron Fly Tags Flectron Fly Tags should be applied to the ear using the Allflex® tagging system. Using the Allflex® Application Pliers, position the fixing stud between the blood vessels, in a central area of firm tissue, halfway between the head and tip of the ear. Apply as follows:   Place the ear tag under the clip by depressing the lever. Slide the male button onto the pin until it projects through the tip. Always dip into disinfectant solution. This helps prevent spread of infection, assists application and promotes healing. Centre, then apply through the ear half way between ear tip and head, taking care to avoid confusion with other ear marks ​This Product is only licensed for sale in the Republic of Ireland


  • Vitulix 25KG

    Vitulix 25KG

    Vitulix is a high quality feed lick, specifically designed for young dairy and beef calves out on Spring pasture. Vitulix is the perfect mineral lick to support healthy young stock. Fortified with protein, oils and trace elements, Vitulix supplements your calves' grass diet, providing them with a complete feed and supplying all of their required protected minerals and vitamins. Produced from dehydrated molasses and possessing a dry matter content of 97%, Vitulix is the ideal supplement for farmers who want the strongest and healthiest spring calves possible.​ Active Substance8% Oil,13% ProteinTrace ElementsCopper, Zinc, Manganese, Selenium, Iodine, Cobalt.Vitamins:A,D3,E,B1, B2,B6,B12, Biotin.*25% more energy than regular ration! Target SpeciesCattle Treats and ControlsMaintains the required levels of oils, proteins, trace elements and vitamins. Application MethodBucket lick Withdrawal PeriodNone Dosage120 to 150g per cow, each day –1 bucket per 15-20 calves Key Features of Vitulix: Provides 25% more energy than bagged feed Compliments grass- silage feeding Contains protected protein, oils and trace elements and vitamins Three protected sources of copper Helps boost young calves to enable catch up with the older calves. Made using dehydrated molasses for controlled intake Key Reasons to use Vitulix: Vitamins, minerals and trace elements:Vituliix contains all of the vitamins, minerals and trace elements that your calves will need when taking to spring grass. Energy:Contains more energy than bagged feed. Disease prevention:Helps prevent the spread of diseases via birds, such as coccidiosis Bullying at trough: Reduces the risk of bullying at the feeding trough


  • Shamrock Calf Starter Block

    Shamrock Calf Starter Block

    Shamrock Calf Starter Block is high in crude protein (soya protein), minerals, trace elements and vitamins. It can be given to calves from three weeks old and is designed to help promote the development of the rumen and boost overall immunity.   This feed block is not a substitute for ration and should be given as complementary feedstuff 10 KG buckets Can be used for calves older than 3 weeks old High in protein, oils and fats Contains EMX: a natural plant extract added to maintain the integrity of the digestive tract while destroying scour-causing protozoa (e.g: coccidiosis) Improves weight gain Improves overall appearance Low usage rate Rumen buffer Weather proof


  • Shamrock Beef Feed Block

    Shamrock Beef Feed Block

    shamrock Beef Feed Block is high in crude protein (soya), minerals, trace elements and vitamins. It will allow the grass to be used more efficiently for low-cost rearing while promoting target weight performance. 35kg No wildlife contamination Increased weight gain with lower investment Full feed, no meals needed, no need to be replenishing daily Convenient way of rearing calves with reduced labour Seaweed-based No fillers Rumen buffer Weather-proof


  • Teat Spray Arkshield 20L

    Teat Spray Arkshield 20L

    60% OF MASTITIS COMES FROM THE DRY PERIOD Be prepared and protected with the no1 teat spray on the market. ARKSHIELD TEAT SPRAY For your gold standard teat spray. Pre and post spray. Ready to use. 5% Lactic 0.35 Chlorhexdine. Up to 50% more active ingredients than other products on the market. Triple action skin conditioning. from high level of emollients. Barrier technology for longer contact time and kill. Contains real peppermint oil and increases blood flow in the udder. Acts as a natural fly repellent in summer time. Be 100% ready for when the milking kicks off.


  • ARKALINE L.C.F   Chlorine Free Detergent -33% More Cost Effective

    ARKALINE L.C.F Chlorine Free Detergent -33% More Cost Effective

    Top of the range detergents for outstanding milk quality results. Check out our chlorine free detergent ARKALINE LCF Teagus tested. Works in all water conditions , hot or cold, hard or soft. Arkaline LCF: the chlorine free detergent that Irish farmers recommend to other farmers. On farm technical support. 33% More Cost Effective


  • Musclevite


    The all-in-one Oral Drench MuscleVite is a rapidly absorbed Multivitamin and essential Trace Element drench which includes Chelated Copper for natural growth and vitality. MuscleVite helps to increase the supply of nutrients to the muscle, supplying the ideal balance of Amino Acids to support the Immune System. MuscleVite incorporates all the essential factors critical to the running of profitable farming enterprises as it is highly available to the stock. MuscleVite is simple to use, economical and reliable. MuscleVite, with its unique Mineral and Vitamin balance is 100% bio-available to the animal. Muscle Vite, with its advanced technology, is formulated to counter these profit losses by providing a nutritional boost to all cattle. Muscle Vite incorporates all the essential factors critical to the running of profitable farming enterprises being highly available to stock, simple to use, economical and reliable. Muscle Vite, with its unique mineral/vitamin balance is 100% bio-available to the animal. Additives per 1 Litre: Vitamins Trace Elements Vitamin A (3a672c) 5,900,000 iu Copper chelate of glycine hydrate (E4) 24,000 mg Vitamin D3 (E671) 590,000 iu Zinc chelate of glycine hydrate (E6) 22,000 mg Vitamin E (3a700) 12,000 mg Manganese chelate of glycine hydrate (E5) 8,500 mg Niacinamide (3a315) 2,750 mg Cobaltous acetate tetrahydrate (E3b301) 1,400 mg Vitamin B1 (3a820) 2,000 mg Potassium Iodide (3b201) 1,200 mg Pantothenic Acid (3a842) 1,250 mg Sodium selenate (E8) 70mg Vitamin B6 (3a831) 1,250 mg Vitamin K (3a710) 150 mg Amino Acids Folic Acid precursor 130 mg L-Lysine hydrochloride (3.2.3) 2,000 mg Biotin (2a880) 3mg Vitamin B12 9,500 mcg Feeding Method: Orally or via a 24 Hour water treatment system. Feeding Recommendation: 5ml per 50 Kg of bodyweight


  • At birth 25 pack     Natural Stockcare


  • Stockline


    Stockline with Copper contains chelated minerals, trace elements, vitamins and antioxidants to maximise bio availability. Stockline with Copper is a vitamin and trace element liquid drench designed to help support thrive and fertility in all livestock.   Benefits: • More reliable measurement of the dose. • Drenching gun fills quicker, has a longer life span and does not block. • Every drop from the container is used. • Less waste.   Applications: Ewes – 7.5 ml per adult animal – 75kg Ewe. Tups- 7.5 ml 4 to 6 weeks prior to tupping.   For all lambs after weaning and at 2/3 month intervals   Lambs up to 10kg – 1.5ml. Lambs up to 20kg – 2.5ml.   Cows- 60mls at drying off and returns to service. Cattle/Calves- 5mls per 50kg body weight. Goats and Small Camelids* as for sheep. Large Camelids* as for cattle. More Info: Stockline with Copper contains the ALL NEW Easy Flowing Technology; this new innovative technology surpasses the current formulations on the market in appearance, smell and use, accurate dosing to requirement and less waste to the environment   *Camelids refers to the Camel, Llama and Alpaca family.


  • Stock boost

    Stock boost

    A COMPLEMENTARY FEEDING STUFF SUITABLE FOR BULLS, COWS, CALVES AND WEANLINGS WITH MACC CHELATES AND OMEGA 3 OIL   APPLICATIONS 60 mls – at drying off and returns to service 60 mls – 7 – 10 days pre- calving & 1 – 3 days post calving.   Returns to service 60 mls – 2 drenches – 3 to 4 weeks apart Embryo Transfer 60 mls – 3 to 4 weeks prior to flushing Cattle / Calves  5 mls per 50kg bodyweight   Composition per Litre   Vitamin A                        2,700,000 IU Vitamin D3                          550,000 IU Vitamin E                             12,000 IU Niacin                              2,475 mg Vitamin B1                              2,450 mg Pantpthenic Acid                   1,200 mg Vitamin C/L-Ascorbic Acid   841 mg Vitamin K                                250 mg Vitamin B2                             200 mg Sodium Selenite                    200 mg Iodine (as potassium Iodine)        1,333mg Folic Acid      150mg Omega 3     124 mg Vitamin B12 3,500 mg Biotin 2,400 mg Iron Chelate 7,100 mg Copper Chelate 4,000 mg Manganese Chelate 4,000 mg Zinc Chelate 4,000 mg Rosemary Extract 2,000 mg Cobalt (from Chloride) 1,702 mg


  • Grow A Drop Plus

    Grow A Drop Plus

    Grow a Drop Plus is designed to maximise animal health and performance and to aid good livestock management on farm. The essential supplement for the maintenance of Vitamin and Trace Element balance and to achieve a higher nutritional plane to assist nutritional requirements. Formulated for maximum bio-availability and absorption. Complements on farm nutritional management. Grow a Drop Plus is designed to maintain general mineral status in cattle and sheep. For ease of application and safety, Grow a Drop Plus liquid is designed to be 100% soluble in water. Minimum Analytical Constituents per 1 Litre Vitamin A 11,000,000 iu Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) 660 mg Vitamin D3 2,200,000 iu Vitamin K 340 mg Niacin 50,000 mg Vitamin B12 5,000 mcg Vitamin E Acetate 29,250 mg Cobalt 800 mg Vitamin B1 (thiamine) 1,160 mg Selenium 630 mg Pantothenic Acid 1,000 mg Iron 210 mg Folic Acid (as pABA) 1,000 mg Zinc 156 mg Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 750 mg Manganese 110 mg   Advantages (Lambs and Ewes) Advantages (Calves) Better Appetite and Feed conversionKeeps animals Healthy and thriving.Provides essential minerals and vitamins for extra growth rate and performanceImproved weight gainBetter wool qualityLess days to slaughterImproved grades and carcase qualityImproves intake of Creep FeedCan be used at worming timeNo withdrawal for Meat or Milk Better Appetite, will drink and suckle moreKeep animals healthy & thrivingMaintains Growth Rate and PerformanceAnimals look better i.e. good shiny coatsGet more animals to Marketplace fasterTo market 5 weeks ahead of untreated animalsBetter quality Grades and Kill OutMore animals achieve Top GradesBetter intake of Creep – FeedBetter animals – more profit


  • Slurrycare Natural Stockcare

    Slurrycare Natural Stockcare

    Slurry Treatment There have been numerous “crust breaking” type products over the years, but Slurrycare is a management tool designed to reduce costs and enhance the fertilising qualities of slurry made with organic ingredients. The complex of fibre-digesting bacteria and enzymes makes Slurrycare suitable for all slurry stores, pits and slatted buildings, ensuring that the resulting liquid is always ready for spreading by pipeline or tanker. This reduces both labour and diesel costs, and saves time by removing the need for prolonged agitation. Slurrycare can be introduced at any stage, but the objective should be to inoculate the pit or holding tank before filling. This requires a lower lever of inoculation as the bacteria have time to multiply as the store fills – maintaining liquidity. SAVING:Labour, diesel and tractor time (stirring) and environmental costs. Treatment is only 1/3 of the cost of getting a contractor in to agitate the slurry. VALUE:Fertilising value and reducing pollution risks, but farmers tell us that it is the liquid nature of the treated slurry which really matters the most.


  • At Birth    Natural Stockcare

    At Birth Natural Stockcare

    At Birth is an easy to administer nutritional supplement containing high levels of Active proteins, PreBiotics, ProBiotics, vitamins, trace elements and energy for the calves in the first critical days of life Administered as an insurance measure, protecting the calf from attack by pathogenic viral strains leading to disease. Also the probiotic endeavours to establish beneficial bacteria in the gut, ensuring the best start in life for the calf.  Composition: Contains a probiotic, to colonise the gut with beneficial bacteria. Contains Mannan Oligosaccharides (MOS), which provide unique nutrients for utilisation only by beneficial bacteria Contains vitamins: Vitamin A Vitamin D3 Vitamin E Vitamin C B Group vitamins  Container Size: 30g syringe  Feeding Directions: Orally administer the contents of one syringe into the back of the animal’s mouth within the first twelve hours of life


  • Natural Stockcare Cobalt B12 + Selenium

    Natural Stockcare Cobalt B12 + Selenium

    A highly concentrated liquid supplement containing Cobalt, Vitamin B12 (to enhance Cobalt absorption) and Selenium, and now with added Vitamin B1.   You won’t find a better concentrate at a lower price.   Benefits: • Designed to enhance rumen function and to help avoid ill thrift and pining. • Helps to stimulate protein, carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. • Essential for red blood cell production.   Applications: 2.5ml – Lambs or Kids 5ml – Sheep or Goats 5ml – Calves 20ml – Cattle   More Info: Some pastures are deficient in Cobalt and Selenium and may give rise to pining, loss of appetite, weight loss, muscular wasting, nutritional anaemia, mastitis and impaired overall metabolism. Cobalt and Vitamin B12 deficiency may also affect cell membrane integrity and cause muscular dystrophy, retained placenta and weak calves and lambs.  


  • Sheep boost    Natural Stockcare

    Sheep boost Natural Stockcare

    Increased Fertility: Sheep Boost will increase fertility in all treated animals and will increase conception rates on the farm as well as increasing ram endurance. Lamb Mortality: Sheep Boost will increase the amount of lambs born alive Lamb Growth and Vitality: Sheep Boost will help lambs thrive and will maximise growth rates. Recovery: The combination of minerals and supplements aids animals in times of recovery following diseases and infections. Vaccine Response: Sheep Boost will aid in building the immune system and will boost response to vaccines. General Health: Sheep Boost helps to promote a healthy immune system and aids in the general good health of sheep, rams and lambs When should I use  Sheep Boost? To ensure that Sheep Boost is being fully effective it is recommended that it is used at the times outlined below. 4 weeks prior to mating or flushing 4 weeks before lambing Given to a ewe after a difficult birth When drencing for parasites To aid in recovery after illness


  • Shamrock General Purpose Block

    Shamrock General Purpose Block

    Shamrock General Purpose Block is designed to boost overall performance. The mineral block contains all minerals, trace elements and vitamins in a bioavailable format which protect animals against deficiencies that can impact overall health   18kg   Provides good nutritional support Improves health, growth and development Continuous supply of minerals, vitamins and trace elements Improves weight gain Rumen buffer Low usage rate No fillers Weather proof


  • Shamrock Sheep Mineral Block

    Shamrock Sheep Mineral Block

    Shamrock Sheep Mineral Block is high in minerals, trace elements and vitamins necessary to offset deficiencies and promote health, particularly during times of increased stress. Rich in all micronutrients necessary for fertility, strong immunity and overall health. 18kg Provides good nutritional support Higher levels of Zinc for hardening hooves to help prevent foot rot Continuous supply of vitamins, minerals and trace-elements Rumen buffer Low usage rate No fillers Weather-proof Seaweed-based


  • Shamrock Horse Block

    Shamrock Horse Block

    Shamrock Horse Block is a horse lick that contains natural calcium from lithotamnium, a red seaweed. It will balance the horse's diet, while improving its overall health. Shamrock Horse Block contains a full spectrum of minerals, trace elements and vitamins necessary for optimum health. The formulation of the product makes it suitable for all type of horses, from racehorses to stallions, broodmares, event horses, old horses and foals. 13kg bucket  Helps blood circulation Promotes fertility Enhances bone strength Supports the immune system Promotes muscle contraction Boost metabolism Strengthens hooves Seaweed-based Gastrointestinal buffer


  • NOVAVET fly and water repellant


  • NovaVet Buzz Off Fly Repellent Gel

    NovaVet Buzz Off Fly Repellent Gel

    Persistent fly repellent gel for summer mastitis prevention. For use on dry cows and heifers as a teat barrier to prevent fly strike and Summer Mastitis. Lasts up to 8 weeks.


  • Flying Falcon

    Flying Falcon

    Diving Bird Of Prey Includes Hanging System For Mounting On Wall Or Trees Wing span Of 21 For use Around The Garden Or Farm Buidings To Deter Birds Full Instructions & Tips Included On Packaging


  • Premium Stock Marking Spray 400ml

    Premium Stock Marking Spray 400ml

    PRODUCT INFORMATION Premium marking spray Perfect choice for identifying cattle, sheep and goats Scours easily from fleece and hair Marks remain bright even after persistent heavy rain storms Size 400ml   Animal: Calves, Cattle, Lamb, Sheep Application Method: Spray


  • Marking Sticks

    Marking Sticks

    Animal identification marking sticks For sheep, cattle, pigs, etc. Twist base for ease of use High visibility colours   Animal: Calves, Cattle, Lamb, Pigs, Sheep


  •  -€1.90 Flexmark Brush on Tail Paint 1L

    Flexmark Brush on Tail Paint 1L

    Flexmark Cattle Tail Paint is a heat detection brush on tail paint which is available in a range of fluorescent colours. 1L bottle with a handy brush applicator cap Oil based formula lasts up to 28 days in suitable conditions Long lasting and easy to apply even in wet weather 1L bottle will paint 80-100 cows Available in Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow & Pink

    €20.70 €18.80

  •  -€21.50 Tecnall Calving Aid Jack Complete With Moorepark Head

    Tecnall Calving Aid Jack Complete With Moorepark Head

    The Tecnall Calving Aid Jack is a safe, forward thinking way of delivering your Calf. It is 1800mm long and made from aluminium, making it a lightweight calving aid with an extremely strong square shaft which rotates and has an easy to use release mechanism when traction becomes too much. Calf puller tecnall 180cm made of hard aluminium Stainless, extremely lightweight and still heavy duty Deep grooves make the mechanism move accurately up and down the pole Featuring release mechanism when traction becomes too hard Anatomically built rotating head

    €190.00 €168.50



    Flexible to animals With 2020 mechanism Stable thick-walled steel tube A calving jack is needed for assistance or human intervention during the birth of calves. It is a humane aid to safe birthing and delivery, helping to pull out the calf if there is any difficulty. The frame of the Calving Jack Hk Type has no head but is adapted flexibly to the animal by means of the swivel strap. This new design is easily handled and provides optimum grip to prevent slipping with mechanism 2020. The construction is of a thick-walled aluminium tube of length 180cm without any head.


  • Flexmark Spray On Tail Paint stock

    Flexmark Spray On Tail Paint stock

    Flexmark cattle tail paint is a general paint and animal aerosol available in a range of flourescent colours for maximum visibility.  The unique solvent based formulation ensures a long lasting paint that is quick to dry and doesn't irritate the animal. The aerosol spray is weather resistant and suitable for use in a wide range of conditions. The Flexmark Aerosol Spray is fitted with a unique stay clear spray nozzle which means there is no need for the can to be inverted then sprayed out to clear the draw tube after use. Available in a range of flourescent colours for maximum visibility Long lasting and quick drying Weather resistant Fitted with stay clear spray nozzle


  • ARKACID  Liquid dual acid circulation cleaner for descalling and milkstone removal

    ARKACID Liquid dual acid circulation cleaner for descalling and milkstone removal

    Liquid dual acid circulation cleaner for descalling and milkstone removal Used in: Milking Machine and Bulk Tank /Hot Or Cold Contains: Phosphric acid and Nitric acid mix Formulated: For hard or soft water areas, No QAC Present: No quaternary ammonium compound present. Dosage rate: 1% Maintance 2% Removel (Example: in 45litres water. 1% = 450ml 2%=900ml )


  • Allflex 2 in 1 Marking Pen

    Allflex 2 in 1 Marking Pen

    The Allflex 2 in 1 Marking Pen has been specially designed for writing numbers on tags. The Allflex 2 in 1 Marking Pen uses specially formulated black ink that is fade resistant and will last for years. The Allflex 2 in 1 Marking Pen also has an easy to use pump action and has two marking tips for either broad or fine marking.     Benefits of using the Allflex 2 in 1 Marking Pen Fade resistant ink that will last years Easy to use pump action Easy to grip Two marking tips for broad or fine marking How to use the Allflex 2 in 1 Marking Pen   For best results it is recommended that the pen is shook thoroughly before use. The identification should be written on the tag using the marker, let dry and then written over again. Following these simple steps will ensure that your tags are easily read for years to come.  


  • Kaiwaka Stormforce Parka

    Kaiwaka Stormforce Parka

    Stormforce Optimum balance between waterproofness, wind resistance, durability and comfort. STORMFORCE fabrics provide the optimum balance between water and wind resistance, durability and comfort. Utilising microporus and hydrophilic technologies, this high performance fabric allows moisture to be drawn away from the inside and outside, making Stormforce 100% waterproof. The lining used in these garments has the same characteristics as the outer fabric - waterproof, windproof and breathable giving you double protection. Kaiwaka Stormforce Range is ideal for Agricultural, Horticultural, Contractors, Construction, Walking, Tramping, Boating and Hunting. Unique NEW IMPROVED full face stormproof hood with drawstring and toggle adjustment giving excellent peripheral vision.YKK heavy duty two way zipper.Double stormflap over zip with brass metal dome fasteners.One internal chest zip pocket.Comfortable, waterproof internal wrist cuffs in sleeves.Two large waterproof storage pockets.All seams are seamsealed making them 100% waterproof.Lining – 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable. Mens                   SIZES XS SM M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL CHEST                   CM   95 100 105 110 117 124 131 138 INCH   37 39 41 43 46 48 51 54 WAIST                   CM   82 87 92 97 104 111 118 125 INCH   32 34 36 38 41 43 46 49    


  • Kaiwaka Parka

    Kaiwaka Parka

    Description:   Agtex Lightweight, flexible and waterproof with ease of movement. Agtex is a fabric, specially designed for the outdoor life. Its unique features are light weight, flexible. Waterproof and has a breathable factor. Your comfort, ease of movement and protection in extreme weather conditions is assured. All seams have been high frequency welded providing strength and durability. All Agtex garments are farm chemical resistant. Ideal for Agricultural, Horticultural, Contractors, Construction, Fishing, Walking, Yachting, Boating and Hunting.Unique full face stormproof hood with drawstring and toggle adjustment, with improved peak design giving excellent peripheral vision.YKK heavy duty two way zipper.Double stormflap over zip with brass metal dome fasteners.Two large waterproof storage pockets.Comfortable, waterproof internal wrist cuffs in sleeves.   Mens                   SIZES XS SM M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL CHEST                   CM   95 100 105 110 117 124 131 138 INCH   37 39 41 43 46 48 51 54 WAIST                   CM   82 87 92 97 104 111 118 125 INCH   32 34 36 38 41 43 46 49


  • Flexmark Ram Harness

    Flexmark Ram Harness

    The Flexmark Harness has been specifically designed for comfort and ease of use.The harness moulds to the body of the ram and thus helps prevent chafing whilst securely holding the crayon firmly in place.The harness helps to protect your investment in your breeding stock whilst providing an accurate mark.


  • Flexmark Crayon ALL Weather

    Flexmark Crayon ALL Weather

    When used in conjunction with the Flexmark Harness, Flexmark All Weather Marking Crayons leave a Clear, Bright and Long Lasting mark. Making it easier to keep track of your breeding stock during the mating season. Fully Wool Board approved as scourable and available in Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple and Yellow Flexmark ram crayons are outstanding in the field.


  • Dehorner Gas Express Arkos Pistol Grip C/W 17 & 19mm Head

    Dehorner Gas Express Arkos Pistol Grip C/W 17 & 19mm Head

    Portable gas dehorner with built in Piezo ignition reaches working temperature of 700oC/1292oF in less than 3 minutes. Comes in a sturdy metal case with reversible 17 & 19mm head and gas cylinder.


  • FIL Uddermark 500ml

    FIL Uddermark 500ml

    Udder Mark Designed for use on udders, Udder Mark's low irritancy formulation ensures there’s no discomfort to the cow. Red to indicate STOP/ ‘don’t milk’ into silo Green to indicate GO / ‘safe to milk’ into silo Vivid colours are clearly identifiable on the udder, even in poor light 360° any way actuator valve for application from any angle Formulated to mark the udder for up to 8 days  





    €84.00 €75.00


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