NJ Philips 20ml Auto Drencher

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NJ Philips 20ml Auto Drencher

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NJ Philips 20ml Auto Drencher

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The NJ Philips 20ml Auto Drencher is a metal drencher designed for the oral application of sheep and cattle or for multiple dosing. The ergonomic, user-friendly design and strong materials which are used in manufacturing, guarantee a tireless operation and a high lifetime of the NJ Philips 20ml Auto Drencher. The Drencher comes with feed tube, lube and a hose adaptor. Widely recognised as one of the most accurate drenchers in the world, the NJ Philips 20ml Auto Drencher is now even better thanks to an improved design. This high quality precision instrument is suitable for a variety of livestock and is strong enough to use with cobalt high guard boluses without any ill effect. The drencher has an easily adjustable measurement gauge for an economic and efficient use of drench. The specially designed anti-spin nozzle and comfort grip ensures that animals will be treated with minimal effort and stress. 

Features of NJ Philips 20ml Auto Drencher

  • Automatic Self-Filling Syringe
  • Metal frame
  • Innovative and Ergonomic Design
  • Simple Handling and Easy Cleaning
  • Highly resistant adjustable Dosage
  • Accurate doser
  • Feed tube, lube and hose adaptor.