Provita Hoofsure Combat Handspray

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Provita Hoofsure Combat Handspray

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Provita Hoofsure Combat Handspray

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Provita Hoofsure Combat is an organic acid and tea tree oil foot spray for animals. Once sprayed on the affected area it forms a long lasting, antibacterial, flexible and breathable film to combat lameness. The best time to use the spray is in the parlour for spot spraying or during hoof trimming. Waterproof and breathable it can promote natural healing for up to 24 hours. Flexible and lightweight the film absorbs around the hoof and won't crack or rub off. The organic acids optimises hoof health and the tea tree oil helps condition and strengthen hooves, meaning they are less prone to infection. The trigger spray jar ensures that unlike aerosol sprays which contain propellants, combat will not stick and will give up to six times more applications than an aerosol. It contains all natural ingredients which are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and non-antibiotic meaning it is safe to use. This spray would be ideal to use and include in a regular foot care maintenance programme. Regular checking of your herd is so important to ensure that you prevent and stop lameness as soon as it occurs. Farmyard hygiene, footbaths, soft even paths and suitable housing will all reduce lameness in your herd. For dairy cows and sheep the best time to apply it is at the first sign of lameness, re-apply for 3 to 7 days. Lameness can affect your herds performance, reduce weight gain, reduce mild quality and yield in dairy cows as well as increasing veterinary costs.