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  • Grasshopper Grass Measuring System

    Grasshopper Grass Measuring System

    The Grass Management Bundle comprises the Plate Meter, Grasshopper Sensor unit, and the Grass Map & Measure App running on either Android or iOS phones and tablets. Grasshopper will support multiple users. Warranty is two years. The grass wedge has become the standard way to analyse the data produced on a weekly farm walk where paddocks are measured for available or total grass cover. Grass-hopper produces paddock covers and a grass wedge at the end of the weekly walk and also exports the collected paddock information to any external grass-management package. External management programmes such as PastureBase Ireland, Agrinet, Kingswood & FarmFlo have tool sets to help you to:Target paddocks at the desired pre-grazing yield. Use Spring and Autumn rotation planners. Select paddocks to remove as surplus silage. Identify poorly performing paddocks and take corrective action. Good management leads to improved grass utilisation and the option to carry more stock on the same grazing platform. Grasshopper can help get you there. Accurate Grass Covers Grasshopper is the most accurate grass-cover measurement system available on the market in Ireland today. Grasshopper was developed and validated over a three-year period by True North Technologies of Shannon and Teagasc at the Moorepark Grassland Research Station in Fermoy, Co. Cork. The Grasshopper algorithm used to calculate grass covers has been adjusted over three growing seasons during which more than 4000 cuts were taken, weighed and processed at the Moorepark laboratories. Easy to Use Grasshopper is very easy to use. Grasshopper works on the principle of measuring the compressed  sward  height  with  millimeter accuracy. Using a plate of given dimension and weight, this method takes into account the grass density as well as height. As you measure, you have full control over the moment the measure is taken – eliminating angular drop problems experienced with other methods. A number of drops are made while walking across the paddock - the number is dependent on the time of year, variation within the paddock and, to an extent, the paddock area.Over time enough data will be collected to assess the performance of different areas within a paddock and across the grazing platform - giving you accurately compiled data to help you make and implement  informed  management decisions. Map-My-Farm Grasshopper  includes  the  very  useful Map-My-Farm function. This enables you to accurately map all paddocks on the farm or grazing platform and has the capacity to map up to three separate blocks or farms. Paddocks within a block or farm can be easily renamed and managed using this function by you the farmer.The farm map offers utility and decision support and is also a necessary element in calculating grass-cover and good grassland management. Mapping the exact usable area in each paddock is key to knowing the available cover and thus making the correct allocation. Your grazing platform can be edited, paddocks renamed, areas changed, new paddocks added or old ones removed by yourself - no third-partysupport is required. With the integrated paddock mapping function in Grasshopper, no knowledge of the paddocknaming system is required by the operator. Grasshopper will detect which paddock you are in and automatically record the position and value of every drop made. This allows an operator who is not familiar with the farm to conduct a grass walk accurately – freeing up your time. Your farm map can be exported for laminated printing and display in the parlour as a rotation planner.The map can also be transferred to other phones - allowing any number of operators to do the grass walk for you.   Grasshopper Features Free App - Multi User Farm Mapping Reliable Paddock Covers Auto Measure-Counting Exports to Management Packages Maintenance Free Use with any plate-meter Developed in conjunction with Teagasc Manufactured in Ireland


  • Samson Scales

    Samson Scales

    The Super Samson Scales is the number one scale that maintains its accuracy year after year. This is essential for future comparisons on yield and thus why Farm Galore strongly recommends this Samson scales. This spring scale matches the accuracy of digital scales but unlike them, this one will never run out of batteries!




     Electronic Rising Plate Meter F300 the electronic rising plate meter F300 is similar to the 2100 meter but includes software that allows you to record and monitor pasture cover by individual paddock. Using data collected by the plate meter as the foundation , it gives you ability to optimise grazing breaks and rotations based on predefined criteria. There is also an option to input equations that may be more appropriate for individual properties, such as those recommended by a local farm consultant. the F300 will record total height and number of measurements calculates average height and average cover user configurable formulae 30 plonk beep rechargable battery- charger included includes FREE P-Plus Pasture Cover Software adjustable handle and removable plate


  • Electronic Bluetooth Plate Meter EC-20

    Electronic Bluetooth Plate Meter EC-20

    EC-20 Electronic Bluetooth Plate Meter is accurate and robust for measuring pasture cover in grass paddocks that is straightforward to use and simple to understand. Complete with Android App for easy use and data management. The App displays covers and will download paddocks and upload covers to pasture base.   Key Features Electronic Plate Meter – Automatically records readings and calculates pasture cover. Pasture Management Software – Makes feed budgeting quick, easy and accurate. Bluetooth®? Capable with Android App – Sync to your android device. Collect and store pasture data across multiple paddocks and multiple farms (requires android 4.3 or better). Accurate Measurement – Second only to cutting, drying and weighing pasture samples. Integrated Counter Case – Protects the potentiometer, less to go wrong, less maintenance required. Measurement Range – 0-250mm of compressed pasture height (0-400mm with option extended shaft). Hand-calibrated – Ensures readings taken by all plate meters are comparable. Reliable – High-quality materials and accurate manufacturing ensure reliability and long service life. Repairable – Without changing reading accuracy, allowing new results to be compared to old. Adjustable – Sample counter position can be adjusted to suit individual preferences. 12-month warranty  


  • Electronic Plate Meter EC-09

    Electronic Plate Meter EC-09

    The EC-09 Electronic Plate Meter automatically records each reading and displays the number of samples taken, average pasture height and cover. Different calculation formulas can be entered and selected, with the selected formula remaining in use until changed. All data and records are retained when the counter is switched off.


  • Salter Brecknell Super Samson

    Salter Brecknell Super Samson

    Super Samson spring balance The Salter Brecknell Super Samson is a hand-held, light weighing device with overload protection and tare mechanism. Single marked (kg only) or dual marked (kg/lb). Ideal for leisure, luggage, education, general purpose and baby weighing applications. PRODUCT FEATURES Capacities from 1 kg - 25 kg Tare Simple to use Tough & accurate Portable Easy to read Reliable Proven design Full over load protection 1 Year warranty



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